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7 Altares (livingston) Izabal

7 Altares, Livington, Guatemala

7 Altares
It is a protected area that has natural wealth varied between flora and fauna of the region, you can be found in the place crabs, butterflies, exotic fish and wildlife, however hunting is strictly prohibited and persecuted. This site was visited by Baltasar Augustine (Shaman) who used it as a mystical healing center.

7 Altares is a series of seven freshwater pools reaching the Caribbean Sea near Livingston. From the entrance, you walk in the separation between pools with ocean, so you have to be very careful when walking. The temperatures around 30 degrees, and the water is at 2 and 25.
Inside the forest, is the last pool that is deeper and ideal for swimming and diving from the rocks that surround it.
The family that runs the place and is the port of entry serves drinks and food Garifuna type. Within the place there are no adequate places to eat.
Because the low water level occasionally, the ideal time to go is after the rainy season, but the walk is lovely any time of year.

Playa Blanca
White sand, clear waters, sun and palm trees... a perfect combination por a perfect relax. Guatemala is full of beauties, trust me, Playa Blanca is the place to be and is very diferent because of it's white sand.

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