Exploring Tourism in Guatemala
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Atitlan Lake

Atitlan Lake, Guatemala

"The closest thing to Eden on Earth"  Lonely Planet Guide


Atitlan is a destination for the curious traveler.


It's is not a tourist destination like a Cancun in that it has not been cleaned up and pasturized for the tourists. Atitlan is still real.

Here you will be somewhere unlike anywhere you have been before and you will meet a people unlike any you have met before.

The local Mayans women wear their colorful traditional clothing not to impress travelers, but for their own cultural reasons. Most couldn't imagine wearing anything else.

The views are spectacular and the weather, possibly the best in the world; but, like so much of the third world, pressure on the local environment has increased with the population.

Atitlan promotes the best that lakes has to offer in the way of hotels, activities and tours – while never loosing sight of the positive role tourism can and should play in local development and environmental issues.

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