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Livingston, Izabal

Livingston, Izabal, Guatemala

Livingston is the name of a town in Izabal Department, eastern Guatemala, at the mouth of the Río Dulce at the Gulf of Honduras. The town serves as the municipal seat of the municipality of the same name. It was Guatemala's main port on the Caribbean Sea before the construction of nearby Puerto Barrios.

Livingston is noted for its unusual mix of Garífuna, Afro-Caribbean, Maya and Ladino people and culture. In recent decades Livingston has developed a large tourist industry.

Livingston is named after American jurist and politician Edward Livingston who wrote the Livingston Codes which -translated into Spanish by liberal leader José Francisco Barrundia- were used as the basis for the laws of the liberal government of the United Provinces of Central America in the early 19th century. This government did not came to fruition in Guatemala, however, because of the conservative and clerical revolution led by Rafael Carrera in 1838 that overthrew governor Mariano Galvez and gave way to a conservative and Catholic regime that lasted until 1871 in Guatemala.

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