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Museum Of Paleontology Estanzuela Zacapa - Guatemala

Zacapa, Guatemala

Estanzuela Museum brings fossils of animals that populated the area over 30,000 years ago, whose remains were found in El Progreso, the capital and Izabal. It is visited by foreign students from all over the world due to its archaeological wealth.

The visitor can see the fossils of a mastodon, a sloth and armadillo, armor formed by polygonal tiles bone, the skeleton of a whale was discovered in Izabal, and the replica of the tomb of a Mayan nobleman, whose original crypt Guaytán located in St. Augustine Acasaguastlán, El Progreso.

There are information boards detailing the different geological eras, the formation of fossils and marine life. It is a museum transformed for educational, paleontological and archaeological topics that generates extraordinary knowledge.

Recently renovated, the museum offers a guided tour through the different stages of evolution of the earth, particularly the country. It also has a collection from various archaeological sites in the area known as Highlands.

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