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Playa Blanca (livingston) Izabal

Livingston, Izabal, Guatemala

Translation courtesy from Pedro Mejía.

"If you have read articles from this web site, I warn you that this is a different one, I see myself forced to be straight:
“get a calendar and make time por traveling to Playa Blanca”. Thanks God I have met many places from Guatemala and it is imposible to create a list of the top ten or top 20, I´ve seen incomparable and wonderful landscapes, since I am not a beach and sand guy, Playa Blanca has made me think deeply about it."

If you are reading this in your office, the internet café or you place, I can asure you, once you visit Playa Blanca in Izabal, you’ll experience a feeling of guiltness por those days you have spent watching tv at home, there many marvelous places in our country, nothing to envy from places around the world.

Playa Blanca is a white sand beach, something different from the rest of places with black sand due to the volcanic nature of Guatemala.

Is it located in Izabal and watching the white sand with the clear water it is amazing. If you are a beach boy or girl, and you like the sun and palm trees and you haven´t been here….you ´re missing it.

To get there you have to take the atlantic road, passing for “el rancho” keep straight until Puerto Barrios Izabal, estimated traveling time to his point from the city 3 hours and half. Once you´re there you have to take a boat, if you travel by bus, you have to walk like ten blocks from the bus station or you can take a cab, if you travel by car, there are places near the dock where you can leave the car, the rates are reasonable.

The estimated time of boat travel is 30 minutes to Livingston where you can find hotels according to your needs, there are places to eat, there is a Bar at the end of the street where you can see the locals dancing “punta” a traditional dance of the place, but there are all kind of music .

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