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San Pedro Las Huertas

La Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala

San Pedro las Huertas. Village in the municipality of Antigua Guatemala, Sacatepequez just 4 km. Captain Don Francisco Antonio de Fuentes y Guzmán wrote in his Memorial Florida by the last decade of the seventeenth century: "Another vicarage is San Pedro de Las Huertas, known in their temporal patterns with the pronoun of St. Peter Treasurer, by be established by the Treasurer of the Royal Box Guatemala, Pedro Becerra, who also won in parcel as something that is conferred by its own effort and work. It is founded in the wake of the volcano of water, between San Juan del Obispo and San Miguel Tzacualpa. It has three hundred tributaries seven cacchiquel nation in which it is administered by the religious of my Holy Lord on Sunday. It has good corn and a lot out of the orchards, where supply all year in the city of Goathemala, of all kinds of vegetables and healthy herbs, and good ride this town for the amusement of the gardens, being far as two miles from the city. It has excellent church and very capable, with good and expensive ornaments, bells and other good belonging to the cult, without requiring that he will supply something, that owes much to the holy zeal of his ministers. This town lacking good water and for this reason to be bad the Indians who drink all the more have goiter because only in the grooves are provided for drinking and irrigation water orchards of some shallow wells that are dammed water trasminada and they have in lower parts of the earth. They are adjacent and all as the head of the doctrine are the cacchiquel nation: the people of San Gaspar Vivar ... The other annexes to this doctrine towns are San Andrés Dean ... Santa Catalina Bobadilla ... St. Ana. "In the pastoral visit of Archbishop Pedro Cortes Larraz Doctor made his diocese between 1768 and 1770 include the parish of Our Lady of Remedies which belonged to the village called San Pedro. He had 212 families with 663 people" Annexes ... Indian villages are given fruits and cultivated land; and so these people are caught maize, there are fruits and vegetables, which are brought to Goathemala in abundance and are much discretion to the Indians. The native language of the people is the kacchiquel and necessary for the administration "Among the Reflections." In the year 1757 they were stripped regulars some doctrines, various aggregations of peoples to the parishes of the remedies were made, of Candelaria and San Sebastian. To proceed in this fairly, the diocesan gave commission to Don Sancho Beard Figueroa, priest of Remedios, adding, or influenced to be added to his parish serving well useful of that dispossession and this were added the towns of San Pedro, Santa Isabel and others. "


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