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Santuario De Aves - Parque De Aves

Copan Ruinas, Honduras

A tourist attraction in Copan Ruinas that alone justifies a trip. Bird Park and Nature Reserve Macaw Mountain awaits you with 181 birds native to Honduras and Central America, as well as some species in South America. This colorful ecological park is immersed in a small canyon formed by the Caka-guatales broken. Its crystal clear waters, lush vegetation and century-old coffee farm operating in the site contribute to give the book a unique natural air. The park includes an information center outside where you can interact with some of the birds to take pictures with them and watch them more closely. Note that Copán Ruinas is the Maya site where there are more images of birds from around the world Maya. The park area was inhabited by the Maya in the past, the mountain is located at the top of the nature trail, is known locally as Cerro Colorado, this mountain was probably of much significance for the Maya and called "Macaw Mountain ". In the main square Copan Archaeological Park will see Stela B containing hieroglyphics "Mowitz" meaning Macaw Mountain. The founder of this park is Mandy Wagner resident of Roatan, Bay Islands, because of his great love for the birds and care they professed. She moved to Copan with a large number of species and placed them successfully in this area of ​​7 blocks of 600 meters. The park has a nature trail that follows along the canyon, with a few observation sites where interested parties can view a variety of birds and small mammals such as squirrels, which abound in the park. Birds such as the guardabarranco, orioles, jays, chorchas and many others are easily seen by their walk on the trails. This coupled with the friendly attention of the guides, all very knowledgeable about the birds will stay at the park an unforgettable experience.


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