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Archeological Site Tour El Mirador

Archeological Site Tour El Mirador Packages
Country: Guatemala
City: El Mirador, Peten
Duration: 1 Day(s) - 0 Night(s)
Tour Category: Helicopter Tour

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This tour takes about nine hours. flying from the city of Guatemala, to the archaeological site, where a guided tour will be made to know and in the afternoon return to Guatemala City. El Mirador is a large pre-Columbian Mayan settlement, located in the north of the modern department of El Petén, Guatemala, about 3 days traveling by land from el Tintal.

El Mirador was first discovered in 1926, and was photographed from the air in 1930, but the remote site deep in the jungle had little more attention paid to it until Ian Graham spent some time there making the first map of the area in 1962. A detailed investigation was begun in 1978 with an archaeological project under the direction of Bruce Dahlin (The Catholic University of America) and Ray Matheny (Brigham Young University). Dahlin's work focused primarily on the bajo swamps and mapping, while Matheny's team focused primarily on excavations in the site center and architecture. This project ended in 1983. To the surprise of the archaeologists, it was found that a large amount of construction was not contemporary with the large Maya classic cities in the area, like Tikal and Uaxactun, but rather from centuries earlier in the Pre-Classic era

In 2003, Richard D. Hansen, a Senior Scientist from Idaho State University, initiated major investigation, stabilization, and conservation programs at El Mirador with a multi-disciplinary approach, including staff and technical personnel from 52 universities and research institutions from throughout the world. By August 2008, the team had published 168 scientific papers, and produced 474 technical reports and scientific presentations as well as documentary films in the History Channel, National Geographic, the Learning Channel, BBC, ABC's 20/20 and Good Morning America, 60 Minutes (Australia), and the Discovery Channel.

Within the depths of Petén’s virgin jungles lies the heart of the greatest city of the Mayan world. There sits the biggest pyramid in the world, La Danta Pyramid, with a height of 565 (highest of Mayan structures) and a volume of 9,186,350 cubic feet (656,180 ft3 more than the Keops Great Pyramid in Egypt). This site can be accessed only by helicopter or a two-day expedition. Enjoy this ancestral journey and admire this archeological jewel that dates back to year 600 b.C.

Views of:

  • Santa Elena, Petén
  • Lake Petén Itzá
  • Appreciation of jungles
  • Appreciation of valleys
  • Appreciation of rivers and lagoons
  • Appreciation of traditional crops and plantations


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